What you seek is seeking you

Klänning från Zara, örhängen från hm, skärp na-kd. 

"Using knowledge as both the sought prize and the vehicle of discovery, I will offer some humble metaphorical perspectives on the “seeker” being “sought”, sometimes paraphrasing the masters: 

When the Student Is Ready the Teacher Will Appear - Dr. Paul Zehr presents an intriguing explanation to this timeless belief, from the eyes of Martial Arts.

Another wonderful example is To Sir, With Love (novel). Based on true events - Lost and somewhat angry, Mr. Braithwaite has a fateful meeting with a stranger who puts a much needed spark in his life.

A Zen parable on the Meaning of Life - True Meaning of Zen and of Life… In Just 3 Words, simply reminding us that when we accept “I don’t know” with sincerity and humility, our consciousness becomes acutely aware of what and where we can learn from. We make several symbolic connections in our quest for wisdom, almost as if the lessons were there already, just waiting for us to open up our minds, which brings me to…

I firmly believe in the power of both “existential” and “ethereal” philosophy. If I stay humble, I will learn so much from even the simplest constructs on a daily basis, I have come to believe of Philosophy as a pervasive force that connects with us, as soon as we break open the tough shell of ego, arrogance and misplaced wants. 

Once I opened my eyes to that revelation, of learning, I started to find “markers” in my path. I started finding answers to thorny questions, as if they were always there, just waiting for me to ask in the right frame of mind. I do sincerely believe that our doors are being knocked upon, constantly. If I stop pretending to be oh!-so-sure about various forces around me, the forces will engage me and let me part of a higher power, a deeper level of transcendence. In that deluge of genuine homogeneity, I will lose my self and yet be blessed the same. I will both be unimportant and yet a vital part of a greater whole." 

- En kommentar från en medlem på Quora angående dikten ovan som jag tyckte var väldigt fint. Förövrigt världens mest intressanta disskusionsforum med trådar i alla kategorier man kan tänka sig. 


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